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A Manual for Mankind

On the material plane, man is an amazing and wonderful machine from which man-made machines take their cues and even designs. Indeed, there can never be any machines technically better in any respects than the human body. Scientists would continue to make fresh ‘discoveries’ about our fascinating nature till the end of time while technology races to catch up with man. If you were walking across the Sahara Desert and came across a Macbook-pro-intel-core-i5-4gb500gb-hdd-13-inch-laptop computer, would you assume it “came from nowhere” and did not necessarily have a maker? What would be the odds that it came into existence as a result of a random big bang that took place millions or even billions of years ago? If you wanted to use this computer system efficiently, would you need a manufacturer’s manual? Now, imagine that this computer is fitted to run a special programme.


Between someone who reads the instructions for use and one who did not, who is more likely to make the best use of this machine? This is the similitude of the human being, the only difference been that man is composed of hardware (body), software (mind) and ether-ware (spirit) rolled in one. The body alone is composed of billions of cells, arteries, veins, bones, muscles, organs, tissues and limbs. In addition, there are billions of bacteria mainly in the mouth and guts which aid his survival while others threaten it. Such a complex machine requires an even more voluminous user’s manual and more rigorous study for preservation and optimal performance. From the first man to the last, Almighty God, the Creator has always ensured that there is an instructor with a divine scripture for appropriate direction or guidance. The most popular to date are the Torah (Old Testament) revealed through Prophet Moses, the Psalms, through Prophet David, the Bible (New Testament) through Jesus Christ and the Holy Qur’an through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them).


What is good, better and best for all mankind is also unambiguously spelt out in these books. Enlightenment, as light, has always been a feature in our lives on earth. We were never left to our devices even though we often chose to live by them to the detriment of our bodies and souls. Taken as the authoritative or definitive manuals for mankind by his Maker, these books describe our origin, composition, nature and future in clear and unambiguous terms. They also spell out the objective or purpose for our creation and how best we may fulfil these within the limited timeframe (often put at three score and ten years) that constitutes our lifespan. These teachings are so detailed that they provide instructions for handling the human being right from the womb to the tomb. This is a scope wider than the proverbial ‘from the cradle to the grave.’ It begins with the rules for holy matrimony under which proper conception may take place and proceeds with education on the best method for nurturing the embryo, suckling the infant, weaning the child and training the adolescent for adult life. There is nothing left out in these Holy Books and the accompanying exegesis provided by the successive Messengers and Prophets.


From diet to dalliance, culture to couture, environment to entertainment and from medicine to makeup, there are clear rules for best practices in running our lives for optimum physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. From these scriptures, we learn that the purpose of all creation is to portray the awesome Power, Majesty and Wisdom of the Almighty God as displayed in the bringing into being of the universe – the heavens, planets and uncountable living and non-living creatures that ceaselessly chorus His inexhaustible Praises. While all other creations have their instructions for worship inspired or wired into their systems, mankind and jinns have been endowed with freewill to choose whether to celebrate the Praises of the Almighty God or not. In other words, we alone are gifted with the choice to worship our Creator by Praising His power or denying it. This is what necessitates the revelation of the Holy Books as a reminder to mankind and jinns across the generations. Today, our world is wealthier and more sophisticated than it ever was in its history. Yet, ours may be the least happy generation of the human race ever. Let’s embrace our manual and see the great difference it will make in our now mainly miserable lives.

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