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African Fashion Styles: 10 Hottest Looks

Fashion is constantly changing, which is why even the most fashionable dress from a few years ago can already look outdated. At the same time, African fashion styles are getting more diverse and beautiful, and you can create the most stunning looks with these styles.

Check out 10 best African fashion looks of 2017 right now.

1. Ankara shift dress Ankara remains one of the most beloved fabrics in Nigerian fashion. One of the biggest advantages of Ankara is that is works equally well with both: evening dresses and casual wear. This shift Ankara dress is as relaxed as fashion can be, and the trendy Gucci sneakers goes beautifully with it. The cute handbag makes the whole look even more impressive.

2. Lace skirt Ankara peplum top: There are many reasons to adore the next Ankara look, but we especially love its versatility. Both of the central pieces would look fantastic with lots of other clothes: The lace skirt can be paired with: a white blouse or even a simple T-shirt While the Ankara top would work great with all kinds of jeans and trousers. Together the lace skirt and the Ankara top look even more splendid!

3. Crop top Ankara dress you will see a look that represents nearly all major African fashion trends of 2017: The vibrant Ankara print, the

mermaid cut of the skirt, the crop top detailing, and the use of chiffon.

4. Ghana bodycon dress: The Ghana print is getting more and more popular in African fashion, and it turns out that it can be even more effective when used in small doses. This bodycon dress will highlight the best features of your figure, the royal blue sha

de looks awesome on dark skin, the addition of Ghana print is what makes this look high fashion. The neon yellow sandals couldn’t fit the outfit better.

5. Ankara trouser suit If you already have plenty of dresses and skirts and are in a mood for a change, why not add a trouser suit to your wardrobe? Both pieces of this Ankara look could very well work separately, but together they create a versatile outfit that can be worn anywhere, including a date at a restaurant, a playground with your children, or even a day at the office.

6. Flare Ankara dress: A flare dress remains among the most popular types of dresses for two reasons. it’s exceptionally feminine and it looks fabulous on any body type. Take advantage of those qualities and get yourself a cute flare Ankara dress! We especially

 love this one for its lively color palette and the spicy off-shoulder cut.

7. Blue lace dress: When the occasion calls for something far more exquisite and intricate than a cute Ankara day dress, many Nigerian ladies turn to lace. Lace has the unique ability to look extremely sophisticated and elevate the style of any dress, especially when paired with gold embroidered details, like in this charming look.

8. Ankara jumpsuit Make sure not to miss one of 2017’s hottest clothing trends: the gorgeous Ankara jumpsuit. Ankara jumpsuits can often be loose-fitting, but it’s clear that a tight-fitting jumpsuit will accentuate your curves more and make everyone’s heads turn when you enter the room.

9. Maxi Ankara dress Here is another look that masterfully incorporates many of this year’s fashion trends: the stylish Ankara color scheme, the ombre pattern, and the keyhole detailing on top of the dress. However, the most eye-catching and fashionable detail is, of course, the ruffle sleeve, which could be seen all over the runway this year.


10. Female Agbada Introducing traditional men’s clothing into fashion for women always produces exciting results, which is exactly what happened when ladies all over Nigeria started wearing Agbada. Your Agbada can be monochrome or colourful, but no one will deny that the pairing of black and grey, with an addition of delicate embroidery, is truly a sight to behold.

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