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• Governor Mohammed Abubakar

Bauchi Meat Factory Seeks N3bn for Operations

By Mohammed Muktar Umar:


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Bauchi Meat Factory was established in 1964 by the then Prime Minister of Nigeria Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, and commenced full operation in 1968 under the management of African Continental Corporation (ACC), which is owned  by interests in Israel and Britain.

Late Prime minister conceived the idea of establishing  Bauchi Meat Factory with the aim of  harnessing  the enormous potentials in the North East Sub- region.

 The Region is  endowed with millions of animals  including  cows, sheep rams, goats, camels and many others

The Company was also established to create employment opportunities in order to eradicate poverty and create wealth.

When the company was established it was equipped with facilities including cold storages, slaughtering machines and many others.

At the initial stage the company had the capacity of slaughtering and processing an average of 250 cattle  and 1,500 sheep and goats daily to serve both local and International markets and to also serve as a model to  educate meat and meat products sellers on standard hygiene practices.

In 1992, the Company was leased to an Argentine firm in partnership with a Nigerian Company called Everest. the era witnessed the resumption of production of Corned Beef by Bauchi Meat Products Company Limited. the corned beef brand was Everest brand.

At that period, the railway was thriving  therefore  the products of the company had unlimited buyers in both within and outside the country.

The company at that time produces corn beef that was sold in all parts of the country after which the Argentina’s trained Nigerians on how to operate the machines of the company and gradually they transferred the management of the company to Nigerians.

Bauchi Meat Company collapsed 32 years ago, after it was inherited from the defunct Northern Nigeria Government Company and was resuscitated by the administration of  Ahmad  Adamu  Mu’azu.

Today the  54 year- old Bauchi meat company is now at  its lowest ebb even though the present administration of Governor M A Abubakar  is striving hard to restore its lost glory.

DAILY ASSET  gathered that before the coming of M A Abubakar  the company  was  at its  lowest ebb, but with the intervention they received from government  the company  now slaughters  between 35 to 40 Cows daily  defending on the request made by the customers.

In 2013 the  former governor Malam  Isa  Yuguda  appointed Dr. Alqassim Ibrahim as new General Manager of the Company considering  his wealth of experience, to take over the management of the company from  politicians, who were initial managers of  the company  so it suffered neglect. The Company since that time has not been performing optimally. He was appointed to come and turnaround the fortune of the company.

Speaking with DAILY ASSET , Dr. Ibrahim said that when the administration of M A  Abubakar  came into office in  2015 the company , he was  reappointed again as General Manager.

Today the Company according him is now operating skeletal services due to  challenges which include absence of working capital, faulty and obsolete machines, under staffing and  poor staff morale among others. staff training to meet global best practices, lack of government participation in patronage and marketing of finished products.

The company’s operation can be effectively managed and yield good results based on the competent and passion build for the company by staff if there is adequate working capital, improvement of staff welfare, rehabilitation, replacement or upgrading of machines and equipment in the entire processing plant, company status be changed to  a meat commission and be autonomous just like the Botswana commission.

Dr Alqassim Ibrahim  said for both off and on factory  prospects when full operation resumes  about 500 hands could be employed to shore  the operations of the company, and about  10,000 jobs will be required  as distributors  of the company’s products.” People could be licensed to be involved in big time distributorship of the meat products’ the company can assist the government in the training  of youths on hide/skin processing, leather tanning, fish farming and the like.

The prospects offered by the company for the realization of economic growth are both real and strategic.

On the facilities of the company Dr Alqassim said facilities at the company have been designed and constructed as a complete integrated complex of a standard abattoir, Holding Pen, Lair age, Slaughter Slab, Skinning, Evisceration, Deboning Units, as well as  9 cold rooms and 2 blast freezer rooms, among others.

With government intervention according to the Manager the company was able to repair  some of the equipment of the company and recruit youths in the services of the factory , at that time when we came we met only six staffers of the company all of them security personnel but to day we recruited 90 youths majority of them Political thugs we rehabilitated them and engaged them in marketing and packaging our products.

According Dr. Alqassim the company is considered by  Bauchi state governor to supply meat to all Primary schools in the state under the  Federal  Government’s home -grown school feeding programmme, and we were able to conduct the first supply successfully even though there was challenges but I want assure that we are ready to supply safe and hygienic meat products that is safe for school pupils and for public consumption.

Equally the state government has given the company the  responsibility for the supply of meat to all the boarding secondary schools across the 20 local government  in the state.

According to him, the company requires N3 billion working capital currently to enable it produce at full capacity saying the fund is needed for the purchase of raw materials,  procurement of machines and  maintenance and payment of staff salaries among others.

He disclosed that the company is currently slaughtering 40  cows as against 250 cows per day as at initial stage due to lack of working capital.

Dr. Ibrahim said the current workforce of the company is 80 to 90 with about 30 casual staff.

“We decided to boost our markets strategy since initially the company is producing Corn beef we decided to started producing Dambun Nama so that we will be different with abattoirs even though we too sell rough meat, to be the and leading supplier of Halal meat and meat products in Nigeria, West Africa Saudi Arabia, Arab Countries and the World at large.

He said currently the company was  producing fresh products,  fresh meat, offals, bones, processed products that is Carned beef, Instant shredded minced beef (Danbun Nama) Sausage, Dried meat Kilishi

The Manager  Bauchi Meat  said ”we choose to produced Dambun Nama in order to boost our culture, to export it even outside the country, to create Job and to promote our local food to different part of the World, the product was accepted by the Standard Organization in Nigeria (SON) and NAFDAC we are the only company that set the standard of producing Dambun Nama in Nigeria. “

He said they came with the idea of producing Dambun Nama since they cannot be able to produce can beef as the company was producing in the past, the government intended to send some of the youths to Argentina in order to train them on how to produce can beef or to invite the Argentina’s to come and train them to Nigeria, but the machines that the then Argentina used to produce can beef were not the one used today in Argentina which makes it difficult to train our youths there.

Despite efforts made by the authorities to revive the company some customers that spoke with Business triumph expressed fear that it will be difficult to regain its lost glory, “in the past we used to come and purchase good hygienic rough meat from the company we considered what the company sold today as skeletal service when compared with the number of cows slaughtered today”

Some of the Casual engaged by the Company they said before they  joined the company in the last  two years they are one of the youths that followed politicians to carry out their activities, they participated in Sara Suka and now they renounced the deal because they were employed government which help them to regain their senses.

Some of them married because of the Job they secured and they are  paying the school fees of their children brothers and relatives.

  The General Manager commended Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, for ensuring that the meat Factory was back to life which also created opportunity to many Youth that were engaged by company.

The GM used this opportunity to describe Governor Mohammed Abubakar as a workaholic who turned around Bauchi state to the admiration of every true citizen of Bauchi state which today some unrefined Politicians, oppportunist, unpatriotic and enemies of progress are jealous  of such rapid growth of both Political , social, economic and cultural development of the state.

And this class of politicians have nothing to show in their constituencies rather than fighting the Governor on the pages of newspapers, electronic and Social media for bettering and fulfillment of his election campaign to the good people of Bauchi state.

He urged the good people of Bauchi state to continue to remain loyal and law abiding to the government of Bauchi state as more devidends of democracy is coming to their doors directly by the Governor in all sectors of development.

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