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Benue Teaching Service Board Boss Resigns Appointment

From Vincent Nyiyongu, Makurdi

Executive Secretary, Benue State Teaching Service Board, Prof Wilfred Uji has resigned his appointment with the board.

Uji who announced his resignation Thursday in Makurdi the Benue capital stated he couldn’t continue to work in a system without a strategic plan of development for the state.

Uji averred that it was disheartening that the kind of politics played in this part of Nigeria was based on the constant drive for primitive accumulation without developmental drive to transform society.

He said he was taken aback when he was neither given a task to fulfill nor asked about his plan to transform the secondary school sub-sector at assumption of duty. 
“on my first assumption as the Executive Secretary of the State Teaching Service Board, I was rather taken aback. The one who hired me never asked me what’s your plan to transform the secondary school sector, I was oblivious of the fact that I would have to run to Directors in the bureaucracy to achieve certain goals.

What was the mandate, duties and responsibility of the office to which I was appointed to were clouded in mystery this does not mean that specific provisions of the law did not define such responsibilities but simply the bureaucracy manipulated the process for personal gains. What existed was a dictatorship of the bureaucracy factored in Permanent secretaries and Commissioner”, he expressed.

According to the Chief Scribe, his effort in trying to make up something and deliver on his mandate was mate with stiff bureaucracy created deliberately to frustrate him and make his effort unnoticed. To worsen it all, the Governor does not take briefs directly from Executive Secretary leaving him on the mercy of the commissioner. 

“I’m a victim of the dictatorship of the bureaucracy though the bureaucracy in itself is not evil. Perhaps I can say the politicisation of the bureaucracy in the game of power struggle”.

Uji who expressed readiness to publish his four years stewardship at the board said what he saw while in office was totally at variant with his belief in the principles of public accountability, which is rare in this part of Nigeria.

While expressing appreciation to the government of Benue State to have given him the opportunity to serve the good people of State, Uji said, however, that he was a stranger but now knows better.

Meanwhile, Benue State Government, in a statement, signed by the Permanent Secretary, General Services, Office of the Head of Service, Ukeyima Gbileve has accepted the resignation of the erstwhile TSB Boss, Dr. Uji.

The statement appreciated Dr. Uji for the service rendered while he held sway at the board and wish him well in his future endeavours. 

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