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Charly Boy Blames Nigeria’s Woos on Elders

From  John Shiaondo, Makurdi:

Nigeria’s entertainer and music star, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, popularly known as ‘Charly Boy’ has blamed the rot in the country on elders who he said have continued to perpetuate themselves in power without significant development of the nation.

Charly Boy who was in Makurdi the Benue State capital to inaugurate the state chapter of ‘Our Mumu Don Do Movement,’ said the same elders who always sing the cliché ‘the youths are leaders of tomorrow’ have refused to create an environment to allow the young ones grow to be leaders and participate in building of the country.

He expressed suspicion on the clause in the constitutional amendment by the National Assembly reducing age limits of those willing to contest for political positions in Nigeria.

“The amendment bill reducing age limit for political positions has been passed but personally I am very suspicious about the bill, because I do not know whether that bill was made in favour of the elders, so that they will put their children and their friends to it and continue to do the same business they were doing and that is why we are encouraging the young to go and register, so that they will become part of that process.”

“That’s why the Our Mumu Don Do Movement is looking for new political groups to stand behind, to support them, because what we don’t want to see come 2019, is  let it not be the same people, the same APC, the same PDP, we want something fresh, we want people to know that we have choices,” he noted.

He said the movement, ‘Our Mumu Won Do’ is aimed at mobilise the young and youths to wake from their slumber to be part of nation building, nothing that nothing will change until their changed.

Charly Boy who apologise on behalf of elders in Nigeria for causing the rot in the country and creating an environment that is not suitable for the young people to contribute to the nation’s progress maintained that they have continued to perpetuate themselves in power without positive results.

“Our Mumu Don Do Movement seems to alter and bring for the country a paradigm shift. You know since independence, we heard our elders telling us that the future belongs to the youths, but then they have occupied the space, there is no space for the young people to grow.

“But I must add something, that I am a baby of the early fifties, so I say that it is my generation and the generation before me that is responsible for this rot, it is my generation that is responsible for creating an environment that is not suitable for the young people and on behalf of my generation I apologise.

“Like I always tell young people, it is not proper to sit down and be agonising about the situation, it is just for them organise and talk charge of their future because after all we know that the future of youths in this country has been stolen.

He said the movement is collaborating with the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC to do their registration, because the youths also aware that voting is one of their powers and rights, which if neglected will still leave leadership in the hands of the elders which he referred to

as ‘status quo’.

“From our experiences and because of what has happened over the Years of misrule, we are aware that these people are not about to change the way they do business, so it behoves on the young people to change their mindset

and to alive with their responsibility.”

“That is why as a area father I am coming here to encourage young people, that this is a doable venture that they can  get a Nigeria that is befitting, and that they can take their country back,” he said.

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