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Coronavirus: Atiku Preaches Unity to Combat Spread

Former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, has canvassed unity of purpose to arrest possible spread of the deadly COVID-19 disease in the country.

” Now that Nigeria has had her first confirmed case of the Corona Virus infestation, via a citizen of Italy, who visited Lagos and Ogun states, we must call upon our experience with the Wild Ebola Virus, of which we were the first nation in the world to defeat that scourge in 2014. How did Nigeria do it?

” We achieved it by showing unprecedented unity. The federal government of the day, worked closely with the Lagos and Rivers state governments. There was complete unity, solidarity and oneness of purpose, which created the atmosphere that defeated that deadly infestation. 

“I strongly counsel that any tendency to blame and point fighters must be temporarily, if not permanently, suspended.

If fingers must be pointed, it must be to solutions,” Atiku said in a statement by his media office in Abuja.

He said Nigeria needed firm and decisive actions to prevent an escalation of the scourge. Recently, we closed our borders as an act against economic sabotage. Perhaps now is the time to temporarily halt flights to and from any nation with a prevalence of this scourge, adding it was more important to secure human lives, than to secure an economy.

“But above all, Nigeria must not panic. Whether at government or individual levels. We have defeated Ebola before and we can defeat this present predicament.

“This crisis is an opportunity to show that we are first and foremost Nigerians, and that we have no other country but our own dear fatherland, which we must work together to keep healthy and secure,” he cautioned.

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