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COVID 19: Bayelsa Distributes Garri to Local Government Areas

 In order to cushion the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic ravaging the whole world including Nigeria, the Bayelsa state government on Thursday, distributed some bags of garri  across the eight local government areas in the state.

 The garri is meant for the less privileged people at the local government level.

Speaking unbehalf of the Governmnent, the permanent secretary of Ministry of Information and Orientation, Freston Akpor said this was one of the measures being taken  by the state government to make sure that the people didn’t suffer too much.

 The permanent secretary said” It is obvious that the cost of food has risen. There are also restrictions on some markets across the country and some neighborhood states.

 “That will create prize hike and some level of scarcity  and some people in the society will be badly affected especially those under privileged, he said.

Speaking at the occasion, the chairman of State Emergency Management Agency, Zidekiah Isu said the governor in his magnanimity decided that some items such as sorghum, rice, garri, millet, be shared to those who were less privileged at least to cushion the effects of the economic consequences of the pandemic.

According to him,  the items were going to every local government.

  ” His Excellency has Said that as the funds come by,  the state will  be able to augment,” he stated.

He expalined that the items were from National Emergency Agency and were to have been distributed much earlier to flood victims.

  “What happened is that NEMA  usually sends their representative who will in turn distribute these items in synergy with the  SEMA.

 “I wrote letters to NEMA repeatedly but they didn’t come. Infact these items have been here for over three months. I repeadly called them and told them that the items were going bad especially the garri that they were going black but they didn’t respond. 

“I was forced to make a report to the governor  who latter intervened and lended his miracle voice. He ordered that we should go ahead and distribute the items.  

The governor of the state, Douye Diri  had gone to inspect the food stuffs earlier in the week and it was gathered that those were the items meant for flood victims of 2019.

According to market survey, garri measure that was normally sold for N500 now sells between N1500 and N2000, while a cup which was normally sold for N50 is now N100.

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