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COVID- 19 :Gwandu Emir Directs Muslims to Pray at Home

From Haruna Aliyu Usman, Birnin Kebbi

The Emir of Gwandu and the  Chairman, Kebbi State Council of Chiefs, Alhaji Muhammadu Iliyasu Bashar,  on Friday,  directed Muslims in the state to observe their Ramadan prayers at home,  with their families.

According to him the directive was given in order to prevent large gathering of muslims faithful, who usually filled up mosques for extra prayers associated to ramadan fast.

he said such gatherings were unhealthy during the coronavirus period.

 He also announced the suspension of Ramadan congregational prayers and public Tafsir in all Mosques across the state.

The Emir made the announcement shortly after meeting with his Council in the state.

The Royal Father said the suspension of congregational prayers and Tafsir at the mosques was sequel to the directives of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, under the leadership of Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saad Abubakar, which resolved as follows :
“Suspension of congregational Tarawihi prayers (in Mosques); Suspension of public Ramadan Tafsir and Suspension of itikafi(Spending days in Mosques in Worship).

However, the Emir said Friday congregational prayers would continue to be observed  according to the directives.

He said,” however,  Imams have been urged to make them short, without holding worshippers for a long time.
”  Likewise, the five (5), daily prayers would continue, until otherwise,  any contrary  directives follow later.”
He added that, the Fatwa Councils of the World Islamic Jurisprudence, have made several pronouncements about the necessity of self prevention from affliction, as much as possible. 

The measures, the Emir said,  include:  “Social distancing  avoidance of shaking or hugging, Isolation of persons who tested positive, refraining from touching or using items belonging to those afflicted and intensification of washing hands as precaution.”
In the same vein , he said,  Medical Doctors and Health Officials have since being sensitizing the public on social distancing, which was one of the major reasons that led to closure of schools, markets in some places and gatherings.

Bashar further reminded Muslims that, the pandemic of plague has been a historical occurrence from time to time.

 In a circumstance , it was limited to a section of humanity of minimal individuals, while at other times, it became a global problem by overwhelming all countries of the world.

He also quoted the Hadith of the Holy Prophet, which says:  “Where pandemic surfaces, anyone within that country should  not migrate out of it to another abode, while anybody domiciled outside the territory of its occurrence should not enter the plague.

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