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Daily Asset, Your Treasure

Today a new child is born in the ever growing family of the Nigerian press. Daily Asset is arriving at the most auspicious time in the history of our great country- a time the nation is grappling with managing an economy in recession and requiring all hands to be on deck to get the economy working again for the good of all Nigerians and indeed the African continent.

Nigeria has a fairly large number of media houses serving the people across the country. However, there is still enough space for new media houses since the democratic system of government operating in the country thrives most on the altar of free speech and other tenets like observance of fundamental human rights, basic freedoms, free, fair and transparent elections and the rule of law.

Although much progress has been made in these areas in our journey to nationhood, we are still far off from attaining our desired height or destination. And as the country’s population grows rapidly inching around 200 million people,  there is also an increasing need for more media houses especially those that will stand with the people to hold the governments accountable  and also ensure that the benefits of democracy and free enterprise permeate the various strata of the population.

Daily Asset is arriving the media scene to strategically contribute its quota in our match towards nationhood.

Although the Nigerian economy is in recession, we have courageously decided to arrive the scene at this time  to be part of the process to transform the potentials of the nation’s economy into real benefits for the people.

DAILY ASSET promises to be a national newspaper, providing quality information to the people in the time- honoured tradition of truth, objectivity and fairness that has been the distinctive feature of the Nigerian press.

We shall be responsible, decorous, factual, just and fair in the reportage of people, private and public institutions, processes and procedures believing that truthful and timely information is an asset to decision makers at all times.

We shall always  be guided by the patriotic duty to promote, support and defend the unity and indivisibility of  Nigeria.

We shall support the effort to build a society where citizens live peacefully and are availed the opportunity to tap their God- given talents and acquired skills to improve their living conditions and more importantly, attain the highest possible heights in their chosen vocations  and endeavours.

We shall constructively  engage the government at the federal, state and local levels and shall not hesitate to point out when the government  or its officials  are derailing as part of our commitment to the progress of our country.

We shall say NO to corruption, misappropriation, deceit, greed,  avarice, nepotism and other vices whereever they rear their ugly heads.

We shall insist at all times on transparency, fairness and justice in the making of government policies, decisions and the distribution of benefits and facilities.

We shall do all these with the fear of God so that the truth we have chosen to defend shall at all times be a treasure to all. This is Daily Asset.

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