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Dapchi: Reactions trails release of school girls

Nigerians have reacted to the release of schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram insurgents from Dapchi in Yobe State barely a month ago. It was reported that the girls were returned at the early hours of Wednesday in nine vehicles, with 105 out of 110 that were reportedly abducted by the insurgents. Those who reacted through various platforms expressed concern that security agents did not apprehend insurgents while returning the schoogirls.

They queried how Boko Haram insurgents were able to get into Dapchi town without being apprehended by security angents. Majority of them have now accused President Buhari’s government of being behind the abduction.  Recall that the Amnesty International, AI, on Tuesday accused the military of being responsible for the abduction. @Augusta “This was the whole set up.

Now we know why Baba was boasting of responding better than Jonathan in light of his obvious errors. It was planned from the get go, from the removal of army road blocks to the denial of the government to mama boko haram claiming the girls were with her.” @Uchemayagi “Don’t mind him, we knew from onset that it was staged, it’s quite unfortunate that we now use peoples children for political purposes. APC is full of evil people, may we never witness these set of people again in our dear country.”  @Clementkanabe “This was the plan before now so that this government will be praised for negotiating the release of the #DapchiGirls without ransom payment. Remember the statement of the Defence minister, that the girls will be rescued in 2 weeks. SMH.” @Amoso “Something doesn’t feels right in this Dapchi kidnap saga.” @Solomon2day “Nigerians will like to know the ‘magic’ behind the release of 105 out of 110 Dapchi schoolgirls” @Zedicus, “Those girls were never kidnapped, they were only relocated to be returned on a later day which I want to believe is a drive towards someone’s re-election come 2019 and those five that died must have been in the know of the game that played out and had to silence them.” @Kolade “When Chibok girls were kidnapped, people said it was a set up, government delayed action. Soon we realised it was true but too little too late.

Dapchi happened, this government went into action and ensure majority of the girls were returned, you said it was a set up! Really.” @Sammyfizzy “The drove back and dropped the girls without being seen or apprehended. youall are jokers” @Bunmifase “In peace deals you don’t use guns bec u must have agreed to some terms and conditions and part of it is usually no body should be http://harmed.

As much as I suspect foul play but am still happy that some families will rejoice today and I rejoice with them.” @Ayovictor “We knw dat Dapchi sch girls is an APC plan 4 2019, A perfect Decoy 4 d $1B 2 fight Boko haram, I knew it the first day the news came.” @Veremjude “It’s unbelievable, Boko Haram terrorist will drive through communities with 9 Hilux vans to Dapchi, drop off the kidnapped girls, exchange pleasantries with community leaders and drive back to their hideout. No military confrontation, no spy drones.

What a shit hole country.” @kardinalsmith “So the next release from PMB’ Media Aides will be “I have fulfilled my Promise to rescue abducted girls”. Sadly in some sections of this nation, these staged drama will still speak for them for re-election in 2019.” 

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