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FAO Warns, Zero Hunger not Possible Without Food Safety

By Bishop Oyoyo

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has advised Nigerians that eradicating world hunger can only be achieved, if food is safe, nutritious and of good quality.

FAO said that eating unsafe food increases the chances of contracting diseases and can be, in some cases, deadly.

The organization also said that unsafe food can also lead to rejections causing food to be wasted, which then impacts on food security, stating that one thing is certain, that there can be no food security without food safety.

FAO in a statement from it website further explained that the amount of food traded internationally in the last century has grown exponentially and a large quantity and variety of food travels the globe today, that some foods, such as rice or maize, have been traded internationally for thousands of years.

“Understanding and defining food safety standards is crucial as the chain from farm to fork gets longer and fewer consumers know the producers of their food. Food standards are vital to guaranteeing safety, quality and a level playing field for trade.

“International trade can improve the availability of food and compensate, for example, in times of poor regional harvests. However, with global population on the rise and changes in climate, food is often traveling ever-greater distances to meet our needs.

“For centuries, countries have independently developed their own food laws and regulations, but differences between these national requirements can disrupt trade flow and impact on the availability of food worldwide.

“The Joint FAO/WHO (World Health Organization) Food Standards Programme implemented by the Codex Alimentarius Commission is an international inter-governmental food standard setting body.

Its standards are published as the Codex Alimentarius. This “food code” covers the entire production chain, allowing governments to establish science-based, internationally acceptable food standards in order to safely trade food,” the statement reads.

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