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Chiwetalu Agu playing a funny role in a movie

If you grow up in Poverty, you have no interest in Women: Nigerian Actor Chiwetalu Agu

The veteran actor who had challenging childhood could not afford the expense of dating a woman. Chiwetalu a highly regarded actor is known for his comic and sometimes evil minded personality in some of his actings. He talked about his tough experiences growing up as a child, which deprived him the good things of life which includes women.


According to the veteran, he was completely penniless throughout his formation years, a factor that made him not to consider dating a woman as he could not afford cost of nurturing a romance. His lack of money ensured that he walked the distances in any trip. It was a time when his main focus was mainly about survival as opposed to social pleasures. He said, “I grew from below the scratch; poverty was part of me when I was small and if you grew through poverty, you won’t have interest for the flashy things of life”. “You can only look the way of  women and talk to a woman when there is something in your pocket but the pocket was always dry that you trekked whenever you wanted to go anywhere’, ‘what time would you have to look at a woman?”

Many years after, the actor became a father, an excited one who is proud of the academic achievements of his children who are five in number. He is quite devoted to his career as popular movie star and won’t trade it for another profession. This was apparent in his comments about joining the political scene. The actor thinks some of his collegues who are nurturing political ambition should be given a chance

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