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Hagher: When An Intellectual Joins Presidential Race



Arnold Glasgow”Leadership” trust is that ,”One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency”.

The critical situation being faced by Nigerians  if not handled urgently by finding a possible solution, may soon become an emergency as the American essayist  rightly quoted .

Indeed Nigeria is sinking politically, economically and above all the security of the people is not ensured.

There are cries for a savior. A man with stainer stuff. A man with intellectual capability and uncommon zeal to come to the aid of the people and the country.

It was therefore  heart warming when  a former  top class  diplomat and Nigeria Ambassador to Canada and Mexico, Professor Iyorwuese Hagher, during the week declared his interest to  join and contest the forthcoming 2019  Nigerian Presidential election on the platform of  the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Amidst cheers and ovation, he was warmly ushered into the party secretariat in Abuja by his political associates, friends, and well- wishers.

It was not his intellectual trapping of issues, that warm him to those at the venue, but the exhibition of his patriotism and zealousness at finding solution to the myriad of problems that have befallen the country sequel to bad and incompetency being displayed at every area of governance in the country. A man on a mission is expected to know what the problems are and how to dissect and proper lasting solution.

This is how the Professor dissected Nigerian problems.  ” What the people are suffering is a

result of bad leadership”.

He was not done yet,as he added that  “The situation in Nigeria calls for everyone to be patriots and   arise and rescue the Country”.

“I have come to offer to Nigerians  a new leadership that is built on true patriotic zeal ,cohesion, justice and peace”.

Hagher lamented, “The leadership crisis in Nigeria at present time is unprecedented. Never before had a government in power brought so much shame ,dishonor and failed democracy’s most scared duty to protect the lives of its  citizens.

“The present climate of fear, of hopelessness and despair is simply unacceptable to all patriots”.he addd.

According to him , “My plan, determination and focus to rescue Nigeria from imminent  decline  to a failed state status .

Said he, ” this is a deliberate revolution of hope based on education, restructuring, modern infrastructure and human development at a pace befitting of a modern state’.

He therefore promised to give priority to women  in his administration, “The Hagher Presidency will for the first time give women priority in all federal appointment. Like a surgical doctor  who is already abreast with the disease , he knows where to rightly apply the surgical blade.

“We will appoint 18 women ministers and seek to replicate this parity and gender equality in  area of the country.

He noted that , he would

accelerate  economic growth and development of our human resources to provide trainings, employment  and productivity.

Nigeria will put to rest the clamour for resource control by training our youths to be main players in the global economy based on their intellectual property’.

He promised to unite the country, and usher in peace, and make Nigeria respectable in the world.

Those at the venue of the declaration applauded ecstatically  and agreed in unison that the real change has come with a paradigm      shift from rudderless leadership to an intellectual leadership.

Hagher who is a leading African Dramatist and professor of Theatre and Drama. He is a leading advocate of Theatre for social action and development. And is the President, African Leadership Institute USA, and Pro-­Chancellor, Afe Babalola University.

Hagher has always been  an advocate of good governance and leadership, so it is not surprising for those that know him well, that he agreed with his constituence to contest for 2019 election.
  Hagher advocates for soft power diplomacy instead of violence from wars and arms race globally.
Hagher a prolific writer for over 40 years and his writting focuses on bad leadership and corruption in Africa.
 Hagher is also a leading Nigeria opinion leader and advocate of social justice.  He has held important positions in the Nigerian Senate and was a member of the Nigerian Constitutional Conference 1994-1995.  Hagher served in an executive capacity in the Nigeria Government as Minister of State, Power, and Steel Ministry and as Minister of State for the Health Ministry. He was Nigerian’s ambassador to Mexico 2004-2007 and Canada.2008-2012.

In his recent keynote address during the 8th Aare Afe Babalola annual lecture at Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD),titled: ‘’Nigeria’s Stunted Metamorphosis to Greatness: The Insecurity Factor,’’  lamented that  Nigerians are constantly subjected to the feeling of anxiety, lack of confidence and fear due to lack of protection.

 According to him, ‘’Insecurity is detrimental to the wellbeing of society. It lowers life expectancy and leads to death. Nigeria’s life expectancy is 54 years; this is unfavourably compared to the global average which is 71years.
“Those who are living in Nigeria live a low quality of life! ‘’They have little access to affordable quality education, potable water, medical care, better living accommodation, improved road networks and better, safe and more nutritious food. Insecurity obstructs social and economic development because moneys voted for public expenditure like health infrastructure and education is instead diverted to solve security needs for peace”.



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