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IPOB hails Buhari’s presidential declaration, says Biafra would be realised in his second tenure 

The Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB) said they were happy that President Buhari was seeking re-election, saying he would be humbled as a sitting President when Biafra would be eventually realized.

The group in a press release signed by its publicity secretary, Emma Powerful and sent to DAILY ASSET in Abuja, it said, “IPOB worldwide view the decision of the bearer and custodians of the name Muhammadu Buhari to seek re-election in 2019 as a welcome development.

We have always maintained that the rebirth of Biafra will happen under Buhari or under whoever is answering to his name.” It said “the second coming of Buhari portends goodwill for freedom lovers because God wants to fulfill his divine purpose in the life of Biafrans in 2019 as foretold by its leader, Nnamdi Kanu many years ago.

“No doubt we have lost a lot of people under the brutality of this terror APC regime, we also have many innocent citizens in prison and detention facilities across Nigeria with countless miscarriages of justice in their law courts but we remain undeterred, focused and determined.

“Like Israelites in Egypt, Jews in Europe and Germany, blacks in apartheid South Africa, no amount of tribulation will stop us from emerging victorious as a free people at the end of this process.”  IPOB said its leader had earlier prophesied that Biafra would be realised under Buhari, and since the tenure of the president was already winding down, his re-election bid would be a welcome development.

He further stated that, “we urge our brethren in the Middle Belt and Western Nigeria not to give up or capitulate in this our collective quest to free our people from the shackles of caliphate domination and creeping Islamisation.

“At IPOB we are continuing the intensification of our global campaign to peacefully bring the existence of this disastrous colonial experiment called Nigeria to an end, in order that millions of innocent lives may be saved.

“We are advising Biafrans and other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria seeking to be free from this contraption created by Fredrick Luggard the British mercenary, to remain mentally strong and resolute for what is about to come will test our collective resolve.”

“IPOB will not relent in its pursuit for total liberation of all territories presently under Arewa feudal Islamic bondage regardless of the human and material cost.

The continued existence of this disastrous APC Government led by Major General Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani cabal, is our passport to freedom,” IPOB said. 

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