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JUTH Medical Director Seeks Local Production of Ventilators

From Jude Dangwam, Jos
The Chief Medical Director of Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Prof.

Edmund Banwat has called for the production of locally made ventilators following the closure of supply of ventilators to Nigeria by producing countries in the wake of rising case of Coronavirus in the country.

He said for effective treatment of COVID-19 pandemic, there was the need for a good number of ventilators across the country since the virus often attacked essential respiratory organ first in human being particularly the lung which it’s “principal function is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream, and to release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere,” and ventilator is the only machine that can take the place of a lung while the patients heals.

The CMD made his position in his office recently, while fielding questions from Newsmen on the repairs of two ventilators that were in bad condition by two Electrical – Electronic Engineers William Gyang and Nura Yusuf for free as part of their contributions in the fight against COVID-19 in the country.

He hinted that most countries that produced ventilators were not exporting it again, even when production was four times their usual benchmark, such quantity was restricted only to be used by it’s citizens who were suffering from the dreaded disease too.
According to Banwat, “I will underscore the importance of this ventilators considering the fact that one of the companies that produces ventilators in the world is GE-Healthcare in the United States of America. With the outbreak of this COVID-19 pandemic, the company is now producing four times their usual capacity,  but these ventilators are not in any way exported, they are meant for the American citizens because America now needs ventilators.

“As you are aware all the 50 states in USA there are cases of COVID-19 and people are dying; So we that we are  just consumers, we won’t have GE-Ventilators for now.
“UK you must have heard, have placed orders to companies that are producing ventilators to mop them all in the UK for their citizens. Recently we spoke with a company in China to see if we could access ventilators, they told us that the Pakistani Government has placed orders already, so they were not able to export ventilators to any other country yet.”

He added, “So for us in this country it is a wake up call, if young people like William Gyang and Nura Yusuf will present themselves with such tall determination, I think they should be encouraged to do these things locally, and they can produce for the Nigerian people.”

” With this repairs, we have 6 functional ventilators now in this hospital, they are still working on the other one,” he stated.

The CMD maintained that any hospital, which does not have a ventilator may not treat coronavirus effectively “because you need the ventilator to take charge of the supply of oxygen as well as regulate and bring out carbon dioxide while the patient heals,” he further stressed.
He pointed that the efforts of the two young men in Jos had proven beyond reasonable doubt that Nigeria can produce ventilators after fixing the hospital’s ventilators that were in bad condition as part of their humanitarian contribution in the fight against Coronavirus in the country, assuring that they can fabricate a locally made effectively in the country.

He said the repairs of the hospital’s ventilators were been done by a company in Lagos over the years affirming that the company just returned one of the ventilators after fixing it in Lagos, though the CMD could not disclose how much it often caused the Hospital to effect repairs of a ventilator in Lagos considering the distance involved as well as how important the machine meant to a Federal Tertiary Hospital like JUTH.

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