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‘Lack of Structures Responsible for Nigeria’s Economic Recession’

By John Shiaondo, Makurdi:

Coordinator of Global Business Round Table (GBRT), in Benue state, Samuel Shagevde Adzongo has said that lack of economic structures is responsible for the recession Nigeria is currently passing through.

Adzongu who was Press Secretary to former governor of Benue State, late Aper Aku, stated that the country will keep crawling economically, if urgent steps are not taken to introduce comprehensive economic plans to inculcate business minds in the people right at the grassroot stage.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Asset, at the inauguration of the Makurdi Branch of the Global Business Roundtable and launching of a book, entitled ‘The Business Plan’ said as Christian body that is envisioned to develop industry, promote small industries to leverage on the big ones, the GBRT encourage members in many ways, through training programmes, mentoring, coaching and through travels.

“You know, we have international conferences all  over the world and this round table as at today are in 70 countries, so we expect that when meetings are going on in any countries members, will travel there and meet with their counterparts in other countries to explore opportunities.

“For instance, we also do industrial match making if you have an industry that is struggling, we match you with those similar ones that are doing well elsewhere.

“If there are industries in Benue that are still struggling, they will come in and provide their funds, expertise and support, basically that is what we do to plough the economy.

He said “the fact that government cannot pay salary is the fault of the economy and cannot be blamed on individuals or politics.” Azdongo noted that if the economy is not built from the base, the problem will continue to persist.

“We intend to go to every town in Benue, Universities, tertiary institutions, and even secondary and primary schools to capture them young, mentor them, train them and bring them up to become industrialists.

“By the time they come of age, their mentality will change and they will stop thinking of poverty, but wealth and greatness.

“We will also teach them Christian values, because business is trust, if you don’t trust somebody you will not do business with such a person moreover, it was Christians that started industrial ethics.”

Earlier, delivering a keynote address, Principal to the Benue state governor on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Emmanuel U. Doughdough call on the need to go back to redesign the economy that is realistic, saying Nigerian must tell ourselves the truth.

“If you have to tackle poverty you must tackle from the root because people at the top are not poor if this is not done, if care is not taken the Nigeria and Benue state will keep on crawling because the economic situation we are experienced is not a political thing,” he said.

He expressed the need for the country to introduce the Grameen Bank in Dhakar, Bangladesh Micro-credit Model to assisted develop the poor, maintaining that it is surest way for global poverty reduction.

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