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National Conscience Party South-South Zone Kicks Against National Leaders’ Accord with PDP

By Danusa Ocholi

Ahead of its crucial National Executive Council/National Working-Coordinating Council   meeting slated for Abuja this weekend, the South-South caucus of the National Conscience Party, NCP, has berated its national leadership  for signing memorandum of understanding with the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP,  without “ appropriate consultation”. A statement issued by the deputy chairman of the party[South-South},Pastor Peters Omoragbon  berated .Mallam (Dr.) Tanko Yunusa for entering “ into an alliance with the Peoples’ Democratic Party-PDP and 37 other Political Parties by signing an MOU in the name of the National Conscience Party of Nigeria without consultations and approval by the appropriate organs of the Party.”

The statement also condemned “the unconstitutional levies placed upon potential Presidential Aspirants in the Party, the petition against the National Chairman by the National Financial Secretary on non-accountability amongst sundry issues. The National Deputy Chairman, according to the statement made available to DAILY ASSET  stated that Pastor Peters Omoragbon in the zonal meeting held recently with other leaders from the Zone  in  Z in  Port Harcourt gave  a background information “to efforts he personally made with other Zonal Leaders to encourage the National Chairman to withdraw the Party from the alliance without any success. He therefore enjoined the Leaders from the States to deliberate and decide on the best form of action from the Zone, which he will be bound by as a Servant to the zone.” The statement added that:

“After an exhaustive deliberation on the state of the Party since the unholy alliance with PDP, the following resolutions were arrived at:-

1.     The Zone frowns at the total disregard by the National Chairman for not consulting and getting approval from the Party Leadership both at the State and National levels before committing the Party to such monumental embarrassment as to entering into an alliance with the PDP, as the PDP and NCP are ideologically miles apart.

2.     WHEREAS: The provision of Article 18 of the said MOU appeared to have subsumed the NCP into handing over its right to contest the Presidential Election to PDP as the alliance agreed to produce and support a common Presidential candidate in the 2019 General Elections, with the National Chairman continuous erroneous claim to the contrary.

3.     The Zone view with great concerns the refusal of the National Chairman to withdraw the NCP from the said alliance following appeals by both present and past leaders of the Party.

4.     THEREFORE: Calling a National Executive Committee-NEC and National Consultative Council to deliberate whether the singular action taken by the National Chairman as above was right or wrong is tantamount to foisting a fait-accompli on the Party through the back door, and indirectly giving approval to an unconstitutional act.

5.     WHEREAS, the Zone views the action as a contravention of Article 9.8.1,  ( d ) and ( e ) of the Party Constitution- Any elected officer of the Party may be removed from office whenever found to have committed any of the followings:

( d ) Conduct which in the opinion of the disciplinary body is likely to undermine the standing or tarnish the image of the Party in the eyes of the public-the Party has never been this embarrassed! e) Any anti-party activities

It must however be noted that, during the build-up to the 2011 General Elections, the National Chairman then was the Party General Secretary. He, whilst still the NCP General Secretary, contested for the House of Representatives in Abuja under the President Buhari’s -Congress for Progressive Change-CPC.

6.     The Zone rejects the proposed NEC/NCC meeting being called for August 3-5, 2018 in Abuja without the National Chairman first withdrawing the Party from the Alliance. If the National Chairman took the decision without due consultation, while would he summon the NEC/NCC meeting to deliberate on this?

7.     It is therefore proposed that, the NEC/NCC when properly constituted should invoke Article 4.2.2 of the Constitution: Meetings of the National Coordinating Council shall be convened EITHER by the National Secretary in consultation with the National Chairperson OR  by agreement of one third members of the Council for the purpose of taking decisions on emergency situations arising between one Annual General Meeting of the National Congress and another and to carry out such other functions as envisaged in any other provision of this constitution. Since the August 3-5, 2018meeting was at the instance of the Chairman, who has a lot of questions to answer, the South-South zone does not envisage any fairness or justice being served as long the meeting will be driven by the National Chairman whose actions have embarrassed the Party in the eyes of the public.

8.     On the allegation (s) contained in a petition by the National Financial Secretary that, since he was elected  as National Financial Secretary July 2016, he was yet to be made a signatory to the Party account and also has no access to the Party account, contrary to Article 4.4.6 (a-g). That no Financial Statement has been produced to the Party since 2016 contrary to Article 4.4.6 (e): He shall present to the National Executive Council a quarterly statement of the Party’s account-the South -South demands that the provisions of the constitution should be adhered to strictly and would propose in (at a NEC/NCC meeting after the Chairman would have withdrawn the Party from the Alliance), for an investigation.

9.     The Zone rejects in its entirety, the unconstitutional levies imposed on potential Presidential Candidates by the National Chairman and General Secretary as this was not a decision of the NEC or NCC. And this action is seen as a deliberate means to scare away potential opposition to the aspiration of the National Chairman, who is also aspiring to become the Party Presidential Flag bearer. Any levy to the aspirants should be approved by NEC/NCC and applicable to everyone.

10.   The Zone frowns seriously on the continuous incursions of some Party leaders into the affairs of the South -South Zone and also hijacking Presidential Candidates from the South-South to their own zones by collecting monies from these aspirants. The Zone would demand an adequate investigation into these.

11.   A unanimous Vote of Confidence was passed on Pastor Peters Omoragbon-National Deputy Chairman of the Zone by all the delegates.”


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