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No place for ‘jihad’ in Nigeria, says Fulani Christian Association

By Jude Dangwam, Jos

President of Fulani Christian Association in Nigeria, Rev. Buba Aliyu has condemned the unwarranted killings going on in the country by some suspected Fulani headsmen pointing out that no place for ‘jihad’ in Nigeria again.

He said the mentality of wagging jihad on natives to confiscates their lands as demonstrated by Usman Danfodio is not fashionable again and urged Fulani nationality to wagged jihad against illiteracy by embarking on formal education of the Fulani race across Nigeria, West African region and the entire African continent.

The Fulbe President stated this recently in an interview with journalists at the ECWA Challenge Magazine’s office in Jos the Plateau state capital.

According to Rev. Buba, “ Up till now, the mindsets of some Fulanis still hold to the fact that just the way Usman Danfodio wagged jihad and forcefully collected people’s land and installed rulership is still possible. I must tell my Fulani brothers who are still holding to this assertion to know that the fight now is jihad against illiteracy equipping people with education is more impotant than confrontational war with guns or bow and arrow,” he pointed out.

He challenge the Fulani race to note that, decision are been taken in the country having both positive or negative impact on their lives and properties are not taken by confrontational war fair in the jungle, but decisions are taken in the national assembly, as such they must strive too to become part of those decision makers through education.

The clergyman maintained that, with the current killings in Nigeria by suspected Fulani’s, people failed to differentiate between criminal elements among Fulanis and the Fulani headsmen, only to generalised on the entire Fulani nationality which is not a complete true in it entirety.

“For some of us who rear cattle’s, we know that there are criminal Fulani’s and there are Fulani header’s the same thing with other tribes where criminal elements are often found too.

“One big mistake done is the first jihad where various tribes were fought and there lands taken away from them especially in the Northern part of Nigeria, if you look at it carefully only about 3 to 4 cities that were not captured by the so-called jihad in those days. Places like Jos, Ningi, Biu, Numan these are the only cities that were not captured and rule by Fulani because they resisted the invasion of their lands.”

He said in addressing the menace. Rev. Buba called on, both religious leaders, traditional rulers and  government to come together in in curtailing bigger problem that might be in the future.

“It is true that some of our Fulani headsmen feel grazing fields and routes are not there again, because people have to farm including some of the Fulanis in other to feed the growing population, so some criminal elements in their limited thinking feel if they fought with farmers they will be able to get the needed land for them to feed their animals but that can’t be possible.”

Rev. Buba Aliyu said, Fulbe Christian Association is like CAN, it draws all her members from the Christian Fulanis in different Christian denominations in Nigeria and the entire West African region.

The name is coined out of the rood word “Ful’lo” meaning, one. ‘We picked our name from that root word and name the body as ‘Fulbe’ meaning many Fulani Christians brethren together as one.

He pointed also that the association called Fulbe Christian Association has been in existence 47 years and members often meet once in a year to discussed issues affecting all Christian Fulanis in Nigeria and the entire West African region, educating their fellow Fulani’s on Christian faith including Muslim and Pagan Fulani’s are been invited to witness some of their regional conferences annually.

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