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Political Parties Should Be Platforms For Agenda Setting – Guber Aspirant

According to one of the things you wrote, change has not yet come to Nigeria. Do you think the UPP will bring the needed change?

I told you that leadership is about character and ability and for you to have the credentials to sell one of the most potent forces in leadership which is trust. It is also the ability to understand the problems and ability to do it by building other leaders. Tell me other leaders in any other political party?.They are not building new leaders; it is the same old people, no young leadership standard that has been set. Where is the manifestoes of these parties that have been in power? I haven’t seen the change the leadership in Nigeria do not have the intellectual capacity to manage some of the Hot Heads in this country that want to do business in a different way. They are not giving me option, all we see is intimidation and that is one of those things that we need to fight. To let Nigerians know that

intimidation is not an instrument of democracy. And if all the Igbo leaders are in one party, they will have a stronger will in Nigeria.  They will have a better way of negotiating because they will be seen as a block. But in Igbo land many don’t believe in unity in terms of politics, you can belong to any party you like.

Why do you think United Peoples Party, UPP is the right party to belong to?

First of all UPP is a party that has a constitution and a manifesto and for you to select a political party, you cannot if you are not able to read and write and make good judgment.  I selected UPP because I have read its manifesto and its constitution and I saw that it gives a platform upon which the people of my constituency can realize their interest in politics.  If not for anything, we can have consensus in agenda setting.

You know in last election in Anambra state UPP did not make much impart and we do not know what happened between last elections and this time around we want to know whether people have started embracing the UPP?

Political party is a platform for agenda setting. It gives opportunity to look for two kinds of politicians. One, it’s a political bureaucrat; the second is that the person is a political carrierist.

There are people that you require to go and market and seek for membership expansion.  I am bringing my intellectual brand as an activist to mobilize membership for the UPP and also to educate most of the people who do not understand what politics is all about. To let them know that politics is group activity, politics is nothing other than you can stand with your people and realize your aspirations and interest.  It is not for personal agenda, so most people who are thinking otherwise may not have been able to find the meaning of being a fundamental member of a political party. I have been able to find it.  I am going out using my brand to now repackage that platform, the UPP that has been giving one of the most critical issues in modern Nigerian political contemporary politics, which is the restructuring of Nigeria political system and most probably if we can turn back to parliamentary system of government. I found it in UPP and I have embraced it and I am selling it to people who will care to listen to me.

If you look at the Nigerian politics, you see that an average Nigerian looks at the financial aspect what he or she will gain from a political party.

In Nigeria since 1999, it has been money politics, does the UPP have the financial muscle to change the tempo?

I will tell you something that so many people do not understand. Nigeria is a constitutional democracy; I have told you I have an intellectual brand. This is my greatest credentials and Nigeria is not run on money it is run on a constitution, there is electoral act that governs election; I will use my intellectual sagacity to discipline those people who feel that it is all comers’ game. There is electoral Act. I understand the constitution, I know how it works and I so much believe in how the court works so it is not a question of money.  I want to see those people who feel they have money to come in to

corrupt the system.  I will put them to justice, so it is not a question of intimidation, it is market place of ideas looking at the sentiments and the problems of the people, ways to resolve it, and we are able to put across in public table that is politics. Politics is not about money, you require human elements.  I have the credentials; I have the sagacity to stop any body in Anambra state that is under 70 years that feels that money will be the measure for leadership in Anambra state. I have stayed too long for 26 years but now I am back full time.

How do you convince old politicians from the zone to understand this message you are sending out?

The message I am giving out is simple.  Have your eyes on the ball, I will give you a scenario.  You are playing football you don’t have good attackers, the first thing you do is to organize your defense.

Nigeria is in a situation where the constitution itself is working against the citizen. We Igbos cannot as a people in our number with our strength, our economic power be talking about marginalization, we have not played good politics we need a robust system to engage Nigeria, more so intellectually and then use filibustering to stop any body that wants to stop us.  We have not been able to do that.  It is not by embracing your enemy but to engage your enemy. The system requires an intellectual way of mobilizing your people to realize where their strength is.  We have not been able to identify our strength, we have always been pointing at our weakness. One of the greatest things that we have is that we can work out from the pit to the top; we have not been able to use it so we have been boxed in.

So what we now need to do is to reorganise our defence to check mate these issues that people neglect Igbos. We cannot continue to condemn each other, we need to find better minds put them in politics, engage Nigeria and make sure that education, things that we don’t control that we know how it is been to our children and then find a way to stop this erosion of our culture that money has done.

Money has not given us any comfort, we talk about money and those who have being stealing have more money than those who are working for it.

We must change the narrative, if we want to change the narratives you must go under weather and be under the ladder so that is the only way you can really put what the issues should be in Nigeria rather than, look at what the people in west have been able to do. They have everything today, they have all the development, and they have worked hard to make sure that the axis of development has been from Lagos down. What happens to Port Harcourt and the rest of them? I am not here to advance any economic policy but I am only advancing political engagement system and that is why I joined the UPP.

Here in the South- East, we have three parties APC, APGA and PDP. Do you think the three groups as a body are presenting Igbo agenda?

If we have three parties in the east and we have five states, is UPP one of the parties?  If the UPP is not one of the parties, it means that those people in those three other parties have not been able to recruit an intellectual activist like me in their fold.  It means they are not doing well.

When you said that the UPP is the best option for Igbo politicians to engage in and for a new Nigeria are you talking about restructuring of Nigeria, what exactly you mean?

Nigeria has been going down since 1966 because of the conspiracy theory of the military establishment that are the architects of modern Nigeria.

What is the way out?

The way out I have told you, I have become an activist joined, political party of my choice to mobilise and sell the manifesto and constitution of that party.  it will help us to engage in negotiating Nigeria.

Now let’s go back to Anambra state since 1999, PDP started then APGA took over are you satisfied with the level of development in Anambra state?

If I am satisfied with the level of development in Anambra I would have joined those people who have been in power in those years you are talking about. Check and see in Anambra, we have vibrant political elements more than 200 of them none of them are friends.  How do you do politics?  If we do not change that direction, we are not going anywhere.

Are you not being intimidated by the number of people that want to rule Anambra considering the money politics in the system?

With out sounding immodest, may be you do not know me, there is nobody in Anambra state that is under 70 years that had made money before me and that has my intellectual hew and I have done more things.  You know in Igbo land if you want to test a native doctor you ask him how many people he has killed and how many he has saved. They should be afraid of me.  I am the prefect.

Is the UPP presenting a presidential candidate in 2019?

I would not know I am just a member.

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