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Shutting Of Coca-Cola Jos Plant, A Huge Loss- Plateau Revenue Boss

From Jude Dangwam, Jos



Chairman of the Plateau State Internal Revenue Service(PSIRS)/Board Mr. Arlat Dashe has described the shutting down of Coca-Cola Jos production Plant as a big loss to Plateau State.

The revenue boss expressed regret over the closure of the company and said  that  Coca-Cola was  a big company on the Plateau that had also  benefited a lot from Government tax weavers over the years

Dashe   stated this through his Director of Corporate Affairs Mr. Wulashik Dafaan recently in an interview with  DAILY ASSET at the Revenu Headquarters while reacting to  the closure of the 46 year Coca-Cola plant that has been providing jobs opportunities to many families as well revenue to the State.

He maintained that, “The shutdown and movement of Coca-Cola plant from Jos is a sad development and every Plateau man or woman should see it as such because Coca-Cola had found a home in Plateau State and over the years it has provided employments to our teaming youths.

“They might have taken this decision from their business point of view but we will advise  that they revisit their decision, Plateau State still remains the business hub within the Middle Belt and as a central city in the country you have easy access to other part of the country,” he stated.

The Chairman state further: “For the first month that Coca-Cola shutdown it’s production plant I can say that it is not a good development because, we as Revenue Board don’t want to loose a kobo even if is N5 or N10 naira it is a lost to us. Such money is to be channel into government coffers for the development of the state.”

He however maintained that, “Our collection has gone above what we  generated in April when Coca-Cola was not on ground, that is to say we are missing out some revenue that Coca-Cola has taken away from the state. Just imaging if such was still in place that means we could have made more than what we are generating now!”

Expressing concern over the claim  of Coca-Cola on multiple taxation in the State he said, “There is a misconception of multiple taxation, we have three arms of government, the Federal, State and Local Government and each of this arm is empowered by law to collect certain revenues as stated in the law.


“The state collects only personal income tax (PAYE) from workers who are resident in the state, while the federal government collects VAT and the local government collects shop fees among others at their purview and all this is captured in the law it is not multiple taxation. But people often confused this, where you are paying a fine, or you are paying a fee, that can not be seen as multiple tax but you pay fine for trespassing on a law.”

Dashe lamented that with the closure of the Coca-Cola plant, “Presently sometimes you will see 15 to 20 trucks of Coca-Cola all packed from both side of the express way, though they are doing their ligitimate business in the state but of course they violated trafic rule by causing traffic and when you are been told to pay a fine that is not tax!.


“And in most times these Coca-Cola trucks are parked with their finished products as imported into the state. And these trucks stayed on the road for a day or two, of course those vehicles are becoming heavy vehicles accompanied with products inside them so the density is on the newly constructed road. Our concern now is that if this continued  without an alternative parking space then those roads will soon fall in the state of disrepair and citizens will be at the receiving end

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