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Trump hails summit with Kim, As North Korea Agrees To Denuclearisation

US President Donald Trump has hailed his historic meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore on Tuesday saying the parties are at “the beginning of an arduous process, our eyes are wide open, but peace is always worth the effort”.
Trump told the media after the summit  that Kim had agreed to destroy a “major” testing site adding that the US would be ‘stopping the war games’ which is a reference to US-South Korea military exercises.

North Korea: Kim-Jong-Un

He said the sanctions against Pyongyang would however remain in place until ‘the nukes are no longer a factor’.

The US President hailed the DPRK commitment to ‘complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula’ and said verification processes had been discussed but conceded that full denuclearization would take a long time.

Trump said he believed the Korean war will soon end saying “the past does not have to define the future, yesterday’s conflict does not have to be tomorrow’s war”.

The US President added that he would travel to Pyongyang and invite Kim to the White House at the appropriate time.

He thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping,Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in for their roles in creating the environment for the summit to take place.


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