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Two Years of Dakkada Philosophy In Akwa Ibom

Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel’s Dakkada Philosophy is bring about the expected social and economic transformation of Akwa Ibom state

By Bassey Anthony

On September 23, 2015, just as Akwa Ibom people rolled out drums to celebrate 28 years of the creation of the state, Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, popularly called the “Nest of Champions”  launched a campaign for  economic and social regeneration known as the “Dakkada” philosophy.

The inauguration of this crusade by Governor Emmanuel awoke in the minds of the people a new consciousness of moral, spiritual, social cum political rebirth predicated on the values of hard work, enterprise, self-development, and attitudinal re-orientation.

 “Dakkada’’, loosely interpreted as ‘’arise’’ in Ibibio and Annang dialects, is a wake-up call on all Akwa Ibom people to shed off the retrogressive attitudes of laziness, inertia, inferiority complex, ethnicity, hatred and pull-him-down syndrome, and arise to the faith of greatness. Encapsulated in the ‘’Dakkada’’ creed are motivational and Inspirational messages which inspire and motivate the people of the state to explore and use their God-given human and material endowments to develop self, state and country so that Akwa Ibom, nay Nigeria could be counted among the comity of the great and successful.

The recitation of the ‘’Dakkada’’ creed by Governor Emmanuel has now become a regular menu on all broadcast stations, private and public schools, and also an anthem in most households in the state.  Even civil servants have not been spared the task of reciting the ‘Dakkada’ creed.

Two years on, the messages contained in the creed have been engraved in the consciousness of the people, including the young generation, who try to recite and internalize the philosophy, and apply same in their day to day activities.

As a component of the “Dakkada” campaign, indigenes of the state, who have attained the apex of their chosen careers or vocations, have been nominated as brand ambassadors or role models of “Dakkada”, all in a bid to ginger the people to strive for success and greatness.

However, not a few people have asked for the concrete benefits of the “Dakkada” initiate as it pertains to the lives of the people, especially in terms of poverty alleviation, job opportunities, availability of opportunities for economic growth and wealth creation among others.

Of note is the fact that the objectives of the ‘Dakkada’ philosophy are being pursued and actualised from two fronts-the people and the state government. While the economic, social cum attitudinal re-engineering crusade is being imbibed and applied by individuals in their business and endeavours, the government, on the other hand, is supporting the people to grow in line with the philosophy.

Suffice it to say that two years down the line, the “Dakkada” philosophy has positively impacted  on the lives of Akwa Ibom people, both young and old, men and women, as almost everyone is now striving to engage in all manner of productive ventures.

Like a bug, the ‘Dakkada’ message has indeed caught up with the people, including old men and women in the villages. These days it is common to hear young and old people say with pride, “Governor nnyin, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel abo yak nnyin idaka ida; ami mme dakka nda”, meaning, “Our Governor, Udom Gabriel Emmanuel says we should arise, I have arisen”.

Yes, the people have now arisen. The evidences are obvious. Farmers in the villages now apply themselves more dedicatedly to producing food, market men and women take their business more seriously, artisans and craftsmen and women now seek better and efficient ways to ply their trades, pupils/students now study harder and civil servants go to work early and try to justify their pay.

Flowing from the above, is that one does not need to search too far to see that the streets of major cities in the state are now abuzz with all manner of legitimate economic activities, a development which has immensely contributed to the internally generated revenue(IGR) of the state in terms of taxes and levies etc.

Resulting from these positive engagements are increased farms yields, acquisitions of skills and transfer of same, job and wealth creations, less-dependence or pressure on government for largesse and patronage, and a massive reduction in crime and anti-social behaviours.

Governor Emmanuel has proved beyond all reasonable doubts that the “Dakkada” philosophy is not all about motivational talks or campaigns but about positively affecting the lives of the people. He is indeed ‘working the talk’.

Through the “Dakkada” initiative, the Governor is working hard to actualise his vision of providing good living conditions for the people through massive industrialization, investment agriculture, human capacity development, and fulfilling his overall campaign promises to the people.

On the industrialisation turf, Governor Emmanuel has in the past two years deployed his vast international experiences in investment banking to attract direct foreign investments into the state, and has succeeded quite remarkably in this area.

On the industrialization turf, Governor Emmanuel has in the past two years deployed his vast international experiences in investment banking to attract direct foreign investments into the state, and has succeeded quite remarkably in this area.


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