After Mugabe, What Future for Zimbabwe?

Events in the last two weeks in Zimbabwe which crystalized Tuesday, with the resignation of Robert Mugabe, the 93-old President who ruled the Southern country for 37 years since independence may have opened a completely new chapter in the history of the Southern African country. Not many would have predicted …

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Spanish-Catalan Crisis and Implications For the EU and Africa

=—=For online advert placement on DailyAsset National Newspaper Website, CONTACT DAILYASSET ONLINE ADMIN: Email: shankyula.m@dailyasset.ng, Tel. +234 810 955 8930=—=   Since October 1, Spain has taken over much of the air time of international television networks as well as the headlines in most international media. The matter at hand is the Spanish-Catalan face-off which has …

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A Manual for Mankind

On the material plane, man is an amazing and wonderful machine from which man-made machines take their cues and even designs. Indeed, there can never be any machines technically better in any respects than the human body. Scientists would continue to make fresh ‘discoveries’ about our fascinating nature till the …

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Angola’s Future After Jose Eduardo dos Santos

The August 23 parliamentary polls in Angola, and the subsequent inauguration of a new president on September 23, the oil-rich Southern African country could as well be a turning point in the country’s march to progress. However, Analysts believe that the vote which formally ends the 37-year rule of President …

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