Osun Guber Election: Time to stand for Truth

By Olawale Rasheed Nigerian democratic experiment has passed through several phases.The turbulence of the polity can be demoralizing and the contesting can be truly ungodly.In the brickbat of power struggle at times emerged shining light to which all political warlords embrace even when they share different political orientations.The September 2018 …

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Malingerism and the Fight against Corruption

By Menyanga Abu Malingerism is the fabrication of symptoms of illnesses, of one  pretending to be sick, for variety of reasons while actually the person is well; to evade or frustrate prosecution for frauds or criminal indulgences or as mitigating factor for sentencing in criminal or fraudulent cases. It is typically …

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Checking Terrorism in the Cyberspace

By Sunday Orinya Terrorism has long departed from the usual means of warfare. Currently, it is increasingly manifested in the expanses of the worldwide network. Many states have passed laws or tightened existing ones against the use of cyberspace by terrorist organizations, providing for punishments up to life imprisonment. Thus, …

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Inside the Politics of Religious Denomination in Southeast

By Nnaemeka Meribe All politics, as the political cliché goes, is local. Politicians, in an attempt to woo voters, strive to strike a chord in their hearts. They invoke, and at times, invent social, cultural and even religious similarities between themselves and the voters and then spin convincing tales that …

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Questions That Impugn Buhari’s Victory

By Tochukwu Ezukanma In both 2011 and 2015 presidential elections, I voted for Mohammadu Buhari because then I believed he will be a refreshing contrast to Goodluck Jonathan, whose moribund, visionless and rudderless governance was running the country aground and accentuating all its societal ills.

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