A Manual for Mankind

On the material plane, man is an amazing and wonderful machine from which man-made machines take their cues and even designs. Indeed, there can never be any machines technically better in any respects than the human body. Scientists would continue to make fresh ‘discoveries’ about our fascinating nature till the …

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There is ‘Evans’ in Every Strata of Our Society

By Jerry Ochema: Kidnapping is the abduction and restraint by force or unlawful transportation of a person, or persons, usually in order to hold them captive against their will. This is sometimes   done with a demand for ransom in exchange for releasing them from concealment, or for other illegal …

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Evil Is not Irresistible

The rate at which we indulge in evil here in Nigeria would make you think that it so easy, irresistible and profitable all at the same time. On the contrary, it is none of these. It is always difficult, repugnant and ultimately calamitous all the time and its lone lure …

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FAITH MATTERS: Muhammad Hassan-Tom

From President Muhammadu Buhari to the proverbial common man who now numbers almost 70 per cent of the population, Nigerians are undergoing unprecedented sociopolitical and economic stress. The former is battling a most insidious illness that struck before he could fully come to terms with the devastation of the state …

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