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36 Yrs After, Makurdi Gets Traffic Lights Again

36 Yrs After, Makurdi Gets Traffic Lights Again
From Chris Gaga, Makurdi

There is obvious confusion on major roads in Makurdi, Benue State following the installation and functioning of traffic lights by the governor Samuel Ortom government, a situation that is causing more congestion especially around the Wurukum roundabout.[adrotate banner="11"]

This may largely be due to ignorance and naivety on the part of motorists and other road users on how to use the now traffic manned roads.

The confusion state of road users is expected as many may be seeing or perhaps using the modern traffic control light for the first time.

DAILY ASSET recalled that it was since 36 years ago when the people of Benue State but particularly Makurdi the State capital, experienced and had used traffic lights.

It was in 1983 when the first civilian governor of Benue State, Aper Aku installed traffic lights, but subsequent governments could not sustain the functionality of the facility.

With the reinstallation of the light 36 years after, governor Samuel Ortom government is the second to look into the traffic situation in the state.

However, some individuals have emphasized the need to sensitized the people of the state especially road users on the meaning of the signs or colours and how they are meant to be complied with.

Although while others have seen the commencement of traffic control light in the state as work in progress and has applauded the development, others have turned the seeming confusion of the people into a laughing stock.

Some people have already taken to the social media to expressed their views on the new development. Some have be even agitated for sensitization to be carried out .

One of such people,  Mr Benjamin Makyur said,  “Our many challenges at the Wurukum roundabout is due to our inability to be patient, observe and respect simple traffic order. Every road user is in a hurry and wish to have right of way, not minding the colour signs on the traffic light. This has further proof that we are people who choose to be unnecessarily unlawful.

“I therefore call on unions like, National Union of Road Transport Workers, and BEMOA to sensitise their members on the need to obey traffic signs and ensure safety,” he said.

Some are even of the opinion that traffic lights shouldn’t be installed at the roundabout.

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