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Nigerian Begins 450m Tonnes Pap Export to UK

From Joy Okeke, Lagos

A Nigerian food company, Bubex Foods in conjunction with Free Onboard Logistics has begun arrangements to export an initial eight tonnes of Bubex Pap to the United Kingdom, targeting 450 million tonnes annually.

Pap paste otherwise called Akamu or Ogi is a popular local breakfast delicacy in various homes in Nigeria, made from cereals.

The export of the product, championed by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) was ferried out of Nigeria through the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC (nahco aviance) cargo terminal at the International wing of the Murtala Muhammad Airport in Lagos.

Speaking at the pre departure event aboard an Ethiopian Cargo aircraft, Managing Director of Free Onboard global Logistics, Mr. Jimi Adebankin described the feat as laudable and called on the Federal government to create enabling environment for firms that are exploring opportunities in the zero oil policy programme to promote Nigerian goods overseas.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bubex Foods, Miss Ijeoma Ndukwe disclosed that the support of the NEPC made it possible for the firm to fast track it expansion into the UK after initial challenges it encountered on its first voyage to the United states.

Ijeoma said: “This present product would be shipped to United Kingdom today (Wednesday) and arrive there tomorrow (Thursday). This product has passed Europe and America integrity tests. It was shipped to NAHCO warehouse on October 1, 2020, which is about a week ago, but despite this, the taste remains the same. It shows you the amount of effort we put into place to come out with what we have today.

“We have been talking about the government creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. This for me is an enabling environment. We now have a system where goods including perishable cargo can be stored and get to their destinations quickly. This to me is faster and won’t have to wait for three months before it gets to the end-users. This will be in United Kingdom by Thursday.”

According to her, Bubex Foods target is to export about 450 million tonnes of the raw packaged Pap which comes in  7 variance of strawberry, vanilla flavour, ginger, groundnut, soyabeans, mixed and yellow paste annually and also aims to supply 20 percent of the millions of Nigerians in Europe.

Earlier, the Executive Director, NEPC, Mr Segun Awolowo commended the food company for feat just as he affirmed that the agency will continue to encourage and simplify export processes for Nigerian.

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