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Presidency 2023: Group Mobilises Support for South East

By Jude Opara, Abuja

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, a group known as Ndigbo Good Governance Initiative (NGGI) has said it was working with other Nigerian stakeholders to ensure that the next Nigerian president will be of Igbo extraction.

Addressing the media on Tuesday in Abuja, National President of the group, Hon. Nonso David Ezedinma said the Igbo as an integral part of the country had shown great zeal in the development of the entire country adding that it will only be proper and equitable for the rest of the country to support somebody from the region to emerge the next Nigerian president.

Ezedinma further said it would be in the best interest of the country to support somebody from the South East because that will go a long way in finally healing all the wounds that opened from the civil war, which ended over 50 years ago.

“We have resolved that we can no longer continue to watch when we have demonstrated the greatest faith and belief in the Nigerian nation and project by living and investing everywhere that we find ourselves across the nation. The Council has concluded to join hands, resources and other forces everywhere in the land to canvass, promote and propagate the message of an Igbo person becoming President of Nigeria in the next electoral dispensation.”

While soliciting the support of all Nigerians to make this a reality, the NGGI vowed to continue to support and promote initiatives that will enhance the development, peace and growth of the country. 

“We shall build bridges of unity across all ethnic and religious divides and hold the torch of love to all who believe that capacity, performance and competence should be the greatest considerations in the quest for the kind of leader that Nigeria needs today. God willing we shall succeed.

He said the Igbo nation will continue to do everything within the realms of democratic rights including horse-trading and negotiations with other regions and peoples of Nigeria to further renegotiate the Igbo Question in a united Nigeria.

The group also commented on the current #EndSARS protests and advised the federal government to ensure that total peace returned to the country, while also implementing the demands of the youths to have a Nigeria, where everybody had a sense of belonging.

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