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Farmer Develops Solar Power Tricycle in Bauchi

From Mohammed Muktar Umar, Bauchi

A Peasant Farmer in Tafawa Balewa local government area of Bauchi state,  Pastor Paul Daniel has developed a solar-powered tricycle (Keke-NAPEP) to enable him help farmers evacuate their harvest from their farm and to help  in improving inter and intra city transportation at less cost .

 Speaking with reporters in Tafawa Balewa at the  weekend, Daniel  said his effort is a breakthrough that if supported, will help to open a  good industry for the provision of Solar powered Tricycle without using

 fuel or gas, which will help farmers to take their harvest home at cheaper  rate and will help to boost socio economic farming activities as well as create job opportunities to the teeming unemployed youths that will be trained by him.

 Pastor Daniel said the advantage of solar machines are many it cannot make noise, no environmental pollution, its easy for maintenance because you can only put grease oil in some places in the spare part every three four weeks which will cost you less than N200, and its cheap because you will not buy fuel and no little little maintenance and its strong more than the machines  using fuel.

When asked how did he develop[ the tricycle He said “Considering the difficulties encountered by the people in purchasing fuel and Gas, I have

been thinking on how to develop something that will ease their sufferings because I know what ever engine that uses fuel you can use solar panel devices to ease people sufferings,  I am interested in developing different types of machines using solar provided the machines uses fuel I said let me start with tricycle to enable me bring my rice harvest  home from farm, While I was thinking, I don’t think I will get all the materials.

“I needed to develop the solar powered tricycle,  I started collecting some of the things I can get here , then I met one technician who is from

China, I sent to him the design I make, he told me that if I want to enjoy working with this , he will advise me to use their technology and see,

because initially I wanted to use fan regulator that will increase or

reduce its speed, instead of device that help to increase or reduce speed

called (totur) , he said no  he will send the one they made, when he sent it I tested it  works fantastic he too was surprised because he thought I may need some expert that will teach me how to work with it”

 The clergyman said that “I  only removed the engine and left three sharp parts that will move the back tyre, and I went with a some parts called DC Motor that is used to generate and store solar energy after we assembled it I tested the machine and it works fine that’s how I develop the machine using solar energy and we charged the battery after we generated the solar energy using solar panels it will be charge for between two to three hours and it will work for six hours before but once the panels are on top of the machine you will continue to use it without any problem except in the nightwhen you will use the battery for six hours”.

Paul said the cost of the machine will be between 450,000 Naira up  to 700,000 Naira depending on the size and the capacity the person want.

He said the machine is durable and it can take truck container and carry over 15 people without any problem.

The clergyman said he wants to partner with the Bauchi state government to support him and to allow him to train more youths in the business and with government support he can produce 10 to 20 machines in a day, adding that with support he will develop a car using solar energy.

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