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Chinese Doctors Not Missing, Working Hard to Save Lives in Nigeria’

The Chinese doctors and medics, who arrived the country last month to help the Nigerian authorities in containing the ravaging Coronavirus, are actively working with relevant authorities and agencies to save lives, and are not missing.

The Chinese Embassy in Abuja said contrary to claims by one of the leading political parties in Nigeria that the whereabouts of the medics in Nigeria remained unknown, the 14 medical experts were effective on their duty posts to meet the mandate for which they came to Nigeria.

Embassy Spokesman, Mr Sun Saixiong, explained that although the embassy was not directly involved in the operations and activities of the medics, it was fully aware of their various contributions towards the containment of the pandemic in Nigeria.

Mr Saixiong explained that the mission of the 14 doctors and medics, who were brought into Nigeria by one of its leading construction giants, CCECC in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria, was to assist Nigeria in preparing for the containment of the virus and cater for thousands of the company’s workers spread across Nigeria.

“The Embassy of China is not directly involved in what the medics do on a daily basis but we have always been supportive of our companies to fulfil their social responsibilities in Nigeria and we do appreciate their collaboration with their Nigerian brothers and sisters,” Saixiong said.

“We are aware also that the medics have completed their quarantine period in a cooperative and respectful manner strictly prescribed by the Nigerian Health authorities and manner to help contain the pandemic in the country.

“We are also aware that the Nigerian Ministry of Health has organised a video conference call and both sides have exchanged their COVID-19 fighting experiences, the result of which we believe should be mutually beneficial.

The Chinese doctors and medics also had some lectures with some CCECC staff on how to effectively follow the NCDC guidelines on self- protection during this pandemic, like how to wear a mask and ensure proper social distancing since the company has thousands of employees in Nigeria,” the Spokesman explained

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