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LAFA Elections: I Was Ready to Wait for Next 4 Years – Gafar

Liameed Gafaar

…Says ’23 on the Radar

By Ben Nwachukwu, Abuja

The owner of 36 Lions FC of Lagos state and former member of the Lagos State Football Association (LAFA) Board, Liameed Gafar has disclosed that there was no reason for the re-elected Chairman o the Association Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi to have allowed a contest between them if he had taken into considerations the support he (Akinwunmi) received from him while on the board.[adrotate banner="11"]

He told DAILY ASSETSports in an exclusive chat at the glasshouse headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday that he was ready to wait for the next four years till the incumbent serves out the four years tenure by 2023.

“I was ready to wait for the next four years till barrister serves out this tenure. There was no reason for him to have allowed me to purchase form in the first place. He did not want to reach a compromise with me because he is already planning to hand over to somebody in 2023 but we are watching.

“Sincerely speaking, I supported his programmes effectively and was loyal to him but unfortunately when I met him to discuss my ambition for 2023 he was not ready to make a promise because he wants Alhaji Tade Azeez to take over from him but we are watching keenly.”   

The second tier league football club owner disclosed to DAILY ASSETSports that he has what it takes to take football administration in the state to the next level and maintained that he has contributed immensely to football in the country and still contributing because football is part of his life.

He noted that the contest in the last election was a pointer to what would happen in the next election insisting that he will not joke with the desire to prove to the football loving people of Lagos state who believe in him that he is capable of piloting the affairs of the state’s football and even take it to a greater height.

He maintained that though he was very loyal member on the board he was not running to the Chairman assistance but when he felt it was right for him to discuss with the Chairman on the next election, the chairman disappointed him which was the reason he contested against him in the last election.

“We are not perturbed about the next election and who would be the next chairman. It is not and will not be based on their plan. We are keenly watching and we will not succumb to their antics because we know it all and will certainly resist them.”

Gafar stretched out the election where he almost defeated the incumbent and he is yet to believe that the result of the election was the true reflection of people’s mind.

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