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FUTO Seeks Investigation into Demolition of 5000 Metres Fence

The management of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) has urged the Federal Government and Federal Ministry of Education to investigate Surveyor Sam Anukam for an alleged destruction and demolition of FUTO parameter fencing.

In a press statement released by the university signed by the Registrar, John U. Nnabuihe, made available to newsmen in Imo state recently, he disclosed that it is worth of note that efforts by the university to delineate some sections of its boundaries with parameter fence met deadlock as the 5000 meters of the erected fence  was pulled down by some hirelings  and misinformed restive youths from the host communities sponsored by Surveyor Sam Anukam and his collaborators.

Nnabuihe further highlighted that the university was in possession of a document signed between Surveyor Anukam and his cohorts within the host communities wherein it was stated that twenty percent (20%) of any land “recovered” from FUTO would be assigned to Surveyor Anukam to be used as his fees and for sharing to some government officials as compensatory plots  adding that it was therefore, clear that Surveyor Anukam was nothing but a land merchant whose interest in FUTO land was pecuniary.

He also revealed that the acquisition of the FUTO land was consistent with the extant statutory regulations stressing that in line with the provisions of the Land Use Act, formal revocation order was issued by Imo state government divesting the original land owners of the deemed right of the company in respect of the total area acquired for the establishment of FUTO.

Nnabuihe opined that Revocation notice and order duly gazetted was brought to the attention of the various host communities and there was a clear description and delineation order and adequate compensation as recommended by the Estate Valuers and Consultants and approved by the government was duly paid.

Nnabuihe further contended that 99 percent of housing encroachment on FUTO land was by non-indigenes and does not represent village expansion.

“Perhaps it is pertinent to state here that the university has continued to discharge its corporate social responsibility to the host communities by granting employment, concessional admissions and minor contracts to the members of the host communities and allowed vehicular access through its campus for the host communities following the collapse of the bridge linking Obinze and Ihiagwa”, he noted.

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